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Seychelles is a paradise on Earth. The beautiful country is blessed with deep blue waters and white sandy beaches with exotic sea life, becoming a famous honeymoon destination. The 115-island country is within the Indian Ocean off East Africa and actually has the least population among independent African countries.



Buzzing cities, culinary sensations, beautiful beaches, idyllic islands and national parks with wildlife-packed rainforests – all of this can be found in Malaysia. Welcome to Kuala Lumpur Imagine a city, with a skyline punctuated by minarets, Mogul-style domes and skyscrapers; imagine colourful, food-stall-lined streets shaded by a leafy canopy of banyan trees.

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It doesn’t matter how many times you have been to Dubai. Its a country you can always visit for any occasion on your life, from vacations to honeymoons to business travel. We can’t get enough of Dubai and if you haven’t visited, don’t fret, there’s always a first time and FCM are here to make […]

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