Nairobi National Park Incidence


Nairobi National Park Incidence

Dear All,

This is a follow-up to our earlier communication with regards to the incidence at Nairobi National Park.

This communications seeks to shed light on what actually transpired as well as reiterate on our professionalism.

We have since established that ourdriver did stop to accord the guests an opportunity to view game and at some point, oblivious of the danger the lady opened the door and got out to take a closer look and photos too.  We have established from the driver and other reliable sources that our driver made all the efforts to ask her back to the vehicle, to a point he stepped out to persuade her back.

It is an unfortunate incidence that we all regret and the perception this has created.  We have since addressed the matter amicably with both parties and they are all aware of the potential danger they posed.

To avoid a recurrence, we have sensitized and reemphasized to all stakeholders on safety and the importance of clearly reading and following instructions and/or guidelines and adherence, citing this as case study.

Please accept our sincere and unreserved apologies.

For and on behalf of FCm Travel Solutions